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Review sent by Tom:
I just love this video it shows the woman sqeezing him hard between her legs and you can see that his head is turning purple and looked like he was about to pass out a few times. You can actually see that the lady is really working her legs out really good as she looked as if she was having fun doing this type of play on video. Now I have not seen a video this good in a long time I would like to find more videos like her cause she does not look like she faking this, especially when you can see her sweat while doing this video shot and I love her strong legs, I can see them flexing every time she squeezes him hard and no stop. Wow I sure would love to have been that man and to be in that situation is a dream for me. I also like the way she pulled his hair and shoving his face tightly between her thighs and then using the figure four headscissor and tightly till he turned purple in the face and the agony she put the man through is totally awesome.

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Title: Stella Vol. 2
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