The peeping tom

Francesca is changing her dress to go out. There is a man behind her that is peeping her. When Francesca realizes that someone is looking at her she asks him what he is doing and the peeping tom answers that there is no problem because he saw a lot of girls like her in his life. If before Francesca was only angry, now, after that answer she is really furious and in fact she pushes him away and when he is down she sits over him. She grabs his balls and squeezes them, while she keep him steady between her scissors, then she strangles him many times, tramples his nuts, smothers him between her boobs. Then she undress herself and remains with her leather black bikini to show him what he will never get, and she continues humiliating him with other mixed wrestling fetish holds. The guy now is defeated and mistress Francesca satisfied keep her arms up and her foot on the face of her new slave.

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Title: Francesca Vol. 3
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