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Mistress Francesca is reading a magazine. A guy, while running, look at her and try to pick her up. Francesca understands what that man wants from her and when he continues, trying to convince her to go out with him, she gets angry and rushes at him to let him understand he does not have to talk to her anymore. Between the Francesca's legs he cannot move anymore, and he is going to loose his virility when Francesca, keeping his face under her ass, grabs his nuts and squeezes them. During such domination mistress Francesca will humiliate the guy forcing him to lick her feet, trampling his balls, pulling his arms, pressing with all of her heavy her knee against his face, keeping him steady by several judo moves and scissors, until she will be over him grabbing his neck as a sign of victory.

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Title: Francesca Vol. 1
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