Black boots high heels

A man is working out to pump his muscles. A beautiful girl walks with black boots near him. He looks at her and get excited, so he tries to know her, but its avances are not good and he does not use nice sentences like a real gentleman or pick up artist should do. Think that he asks if she wants to make love with him. Of course she refuses him and when he asks if she is lesbian then Irina gets really angry and takes him to the ground where she scissors, facesits, slaps ... him. Irina humiliates him several times with her delicious feet, strong legs and mixed wrestling holds. The bad guy now is dead tired and cannot move anymore. He lies on his back under the Irina's foot that completely rules him.

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Code: mwi24
Title: Irina Vol. 4
Running Time: 31 min
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Language: English

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