2 women vs 1 man

2 women: Mistress Nikla and Mistress Rubberstar wrestle one male opponent. Each 10 minutes the slave defeated go away and enter a new slave that will be dominated and humiliated. When you will download such video you will see that the 2 mistresses enjoy a lot to dominate their slaves, they almost laugh for all the time and when the guy say "please stop to put your stinky feet on my face" then they will force him to get 4 feet in his face to smell and lick them better. They are really sadistic women. One thing that impressed me match was their double facesitting: both of them seated on the slave's face and at the same time they laughed and had a lot of fun.

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Code: mwi19
Title: Nikla Vol. 3
Running Time: 31 min
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Language: Italian

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