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George has a knee pain. So he has gone to the physiotherapist, a beautiful and tall (6'0'') woman, to solve his problem. The woman starts massaging him while George is looking at her mini skirt, and can't resist to her sex appeal, so now he is very excited and he touches the physiotherapist's ass several times. At beginning the physiotherapist ignore him, but then she gets angry and slap him, grab his ear and carry him over the mat where she starts to humiliate him, to facesit him and grabbing his neck as she learned by some judo lessons. Then mistress Monroe will make many kind of scissors, belly punching, slaps, ball smashing. She will force him to carry her like a ponyboy. During the video you can look very clearly about the power and the difference between the mistress and the poor man that now without any force lies on his back forced to lick the feet of his mistress.

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Code: mwi13
Title: Monroe Vol. 1
Running Time: 27 min
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Language: Italian

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