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Angelika and Mario have known each other from little time but have immediately challenged to a mixed wrestling match believing each one to be more stronger than the other one. The match starts with a small interview of Angelika to know who she is, where she is from, what are her hobbies and how she began to fight. Then it is the turn of Mario to be interviewed, but while he is being introduced to the public, Angelika goes, suddenly, behind him and hits him with a strong back kick on his nuts. Mario falls to the ground in pain and begins the female domination performed by Angelika. The Italian amazon laughs amused and pleased when she hits him on his testicles and Mario falls to the carpet. Angelika, however, still not satisfied, humiliates him also when he is on the ground using her jeans to smother him (she seats several times on his face), folding his nose so that he remains without breath for some seconds. During the match Mario is not able to oppose a valid reaction to Angelika and it is very difficult for him to escape when she immobilize him with her legs. Mario undergoes continuously the ponyboy moves, slaps, scissors, trampling. In the following part of the match Angelika strips herself gradually till to remain with black underwear, really sexy, with which she will continue to humiliate and to dominate the poor slave.

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Title: Angelika Vol. 4
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