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Angelika was kidnapped by a shady man. To realize the diabolical plan he handcuffed Angelika and carried her in a secure place. So the criminal begins slowly to look at her, to touch her and to touch her in the sexual parts, playing with her too, since he is owning the key of the handcuffs that keep her immobilized. In the beginning Angelika asks to him to be freed, she implores him, but all is useless, so she realizes that to be free she must use another technique, so she agrees to the advances of the kidnapper and replies positively to his actions in order to excite him: she grazes him with the legs, she touches him gently with her foot and when she has gained his trust, and he doesn’t expect any surprise, she gives him a very strong kick on his balls with her black boots and steals the key to him, she open the handcuffs getting free, and continues to massacre him with some trampling on the balls, knees on the testicles, all of this while he still lay on the ground, follows a series of strong slaps in his face, then she use her force to open his legs for an hard ballbusting. She keeps his neck between her legs holding him strong and pulling his hair and while he is immobilized to the ground she starts to hit him with fists on the balls insulting him and saying him that he is just a big pork and that now he is handcuffed and she holds the keys. The kidnapper is used like a carpet to clean her boots, he receives several slaps and humiliation. Obviously Angelika is excited and pleased with the new situation that has been created, so she practices long facesittings to smother and to humiliate the kidnapper. After to have hit him more times in all of the body she is so proud that she makes him free from handcuffs to show how much stronger she is than him and she enslaves him pretending all a series of things: she order him to remove her boots with the mouth, to take off gently her collant, to kiss her feet and to lick them also between the fingers, and she challenges him to stand up but not before to give him a strong kick on the balls. Angelika is not still satisfied and holds him clutched between her legs in violent scissors and when finally he is weak and without forces she pushes her foot on his face pulling with violence the dead arm of the kidnapper with a foot standing and showing her biceps as the sign of the victory.

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Title: Angelika Vol. 3
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