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The gym is closed.
Angelika is a karate green belt and every Monday goes to gym to train herself in karate and judo, since she loves a lot the martial arts, but today the manager of the gym stops her saying that an unforeseen fact makes impossible the current trainings. Obviously Angelika gets raged, since she was driving for some km in the traffic to go to the training. The boss insists that the gymnasium is closed so Angelika grabs his neck and hits him on his balls. Stefano falls defenseless on the ground and Angelika attacks him insulting him and blocking him with her powerful scissors to the ground. The power of the of Angelika’s legs is devastating for Stefano, and what is worse, for him, is that Angelika is so capable that, besides to suffocate him in every position, succeeds always to hit him with precise kick on the balls. For several times Stefano is pulled for the hair and used like a toy for the fun of the mistress. Angelika begins also to strip itself, because it is hot, and when she removes the green belt... Angelika uses various styles for the scissors, slaps while Stefano is on the ground, kicks and fists on the balls, facesitting of suffocation and often some trampled and foot fetish for explain to him who rules. After an impressive series of ten (10!) kicks, in succession, one after one, given to Stefano while he stands up, he sudden fall definitive to land, now is ended! The time for Angelika of to show us its sexy bikini and then the last minutes explain us what a woman can do when she wants to destroy a man, or better: who is a Goddess and who is a worm.

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Title: Angelika Vol. 1
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