Short women vs tall man in mixed wrestling

Roberto's end:
Silvia knows well how to behave with the men like Roberto, they believe to be strong and invincible only because they are big. In this video she meets him and can treate him in the way he deserves: the lesson starts with a series of ridings that are in the middle between ponyboy and scissors. Roberto try every way to throw down Silvia but she doesn't surrender. After some scissors on the ground, that makes Roberto weak, Silvia decides to enjoy and let him stand up so that he believes he can fight with balanced power. silvia is excited by the unuseful attempt of Roberto in order to prevent her attacks, she plays like the cant and the mouse with him because she enjoy very much to humiliate him. At a certain point Roberto discover that, unluckyly for him, his face can stay only where you see it after throwing him on the ground Silvia humiliates him again with several scissors and arm's lever and the facesittings that she execute in the professional way! Roberto understand what is the smell of the power and Silvia dominates him forcing his face deep on her great gluteus, she doesn't let him breath, she doesn't let him move ! Then with a very original move, she force him to smell her little nice feet so long as she likes. This is terrible for Roberto! Silvia just needs an hand to move his face onto her little feets.Before the conclusion ( that is for strong stomachs!) there is the time, for Silvia, to put Roberto's face under her feet in a couple of victory poses that he won't forget very easyly ( wach to believe!). At the end Roberto is almost thinking that the worst has passed by even because Silvia didn't care very much for his balls, but the final surprice is coming. roberto is on the ground without forces, he thinks the match is finished but suddenly, with a very professional move, Silvia jumps on him, on his stomach with both her feets. the terrible scream of Roberto means his end. From this time and so on, every time he will meet Silvia in public he will have to get down on his knees in front of her to not suffer again in the same way!

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